How to restore printing quality problems for Samsung printer CLP-310/315 Printer

Samsung CLP-310/315 has orrcur "Printed pages problems": Light or faded print, Toner specks, Dropouts, Vertical lines, Gray background, Toner smear, Vertical repetitive defects, Background scatter, Misformed characters, Page skew, Curl or wave, Wrinkles or creases, Back of printouts are … [Read more...]

How to restore problem based on LED status legend for Samsung printer CLP-300 Printer

The LED status shown in four states: Red light turned on and off repeatedly, Red light, light off, Green light. one by one Led status is a printer's error status. For example: Toner low, toner empty, paper jam, ... Currently, Color laser printers CLP-300 is being used quite extensively. … [Read more...]

How to restore print pages ploblems for Samsung printer CLP-360/365 series Printer

Samsung CLP-360/365 has orrcur problems when print: Vertical Black Line & Band, Vertical White Line, Contamination on back of page, Dark or Black image, Horizontal Band, Uneven Density, Poor Fusing, Blank Page. Currently, Color laser printers Samsung printer CLP-360/365 is being using quite … [Read more...]

How to restore errors Samsung printer ML-84/85/85G/1010H/1520P based on message error

After long time using, If the Samsung printer ML-84/85/85G/1010H/1520P printer is not working properly, refer the ensuing errors message & follow the corresponding troubleshooting associated.The common errors of Samsung printer ML-84/85/85G/1010H/1520P printer as follows: - The printer … [Read more...]