How to disassemble (removable) components Samsung printer CLP-610/660 printer

The ensue is full way description of disassembly/reassembly. In this manual is listed according to the disassembly procedures. If you find the certain unit or assembly, please consult it’s name by the picture in the "Samsung CLP-610/660 Service Repair Manual"
Main components of Samsung printer CLP-610/660 printer include: Cover, ITB (Image Transfer-Bell), Fuser unit, HVPS (High Voltage Power Supply) board, main PBA (card formater), SMPS board (Switched-mode power supply), LSU (Laser Scanning Unit), Holder Pad, transfer roller, OPE PBA, pick up roller.

The coming is disassemble (removable) components Samsung printer CLP-610/660 printer manual.

I. How to remove cover

This section is description how to open all of the covers (top cover, front cover, DEVE cover, exit cover, and duplex cover).
1. Move out the paper tray.
2. Open the top cover and remove 6 screws. Then to remove top cover you need remove 2 screws & one connector.
3. take away the 2 screws from the rear cover to remove side cover
4. Move out the 1 screw to remove the left cover.
5. Unlatch the 2 hooks from the bottom of frame. Then unlatch the hook and remove the left cover. And in the same way, to remove right cover is very easy.
6. Open the front cover, remove left and right link, then remove Damper hinge-R after remove the 2 screws. Now, you can remove front cover so easy.
7. Take out 4 screw to remove rear cover
II. How to remove ITB (Image Transfer-Bell)
1. Take out the front cover. (Review I)
2. take away the ITB unit after remove the ITB lock levers on both sides of the unit.

III. How to remove Fuser unit

1. Open the left cover,right cover, top cover (Review I)
2. take away the 7 screws to remove the Bracket main & Duct.
3. Move out the 4 screws and remove the LSU Unit..
Caution: The fuser is so hot. So, You must turn your printer off and please wait until the printer to cool before remove it.

IV. How to remove HVPS (High Voltage Power Supply) board

1. Remove the front cover. Top cover, rear cover (Refer to I).
2. Unplug the 7 connectors from the main PBA
3. Unplug one flat cable
4. Take out 8 screws & 4 hook then remove the HVPS.
V. How to remove main PBA (card formater)
1. Take out the rear cover. (Refer to I)
2. take away 4 screws from the main PBA bracket
3. Unplug the all jack connectors. And remove the main PBA (card formater).

VI. How to remove SMPS board (Switched-mode power supply)

samsung printer - firmware repair - chip reset fix fix1. Move out the rear cover. (Refer to I)
2. take away 4 screws from the SMPS. Then remove 1 screw from the harness guide
3. Take out all connectors from the SMPS and then remove the SMPS (Switched-mode power supply) board.

VII. How to remove LSU (Laser Scanning Unit)

1. take away the 7 screws to remove the Bracket main & Duct
2. Move out the 4 screws & remove the LSU Unit.
samsung printer - firmware fix - chip reset fix fixVIII. How to remove fuser fan
1. Remove rear cover, top cover (Refer I) & remove main PBA (refer V)
2. Release 3 screws remove one connector from the main PBA & then take out the fuser fan.

IX. How to remove fuser regulations board

1. Unplug the Harness.
2. take away the 4 screws, & release the Fuser control board from the frame.

X. How to remove pickup roller

1. Open rear cover (refer 1)
2. Remove Pickup roller shown below
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