How to fix(meliorate) The printer does not print for Samsung printer SL-M337X/M387X/M4070

When you print a document, nothing printed. Smart Panel program window manifestation message "The printer does not print"(Samsung printer SL-M337X/M387X/M4070). Cause of error "The printer does not print" are the cable plug in has occur problems, the printer not selected as the default printer, cover is not closed, your printer is malfunctioning …
Currently, Multi-funtion laser printerss SL-M337X/M387X/M4070is being used quite extensively. Samsung printer SL-M337X/M387X/M4070printers also has advantages coming: Enjoy quality printouts, Polymerised toner, Ergonomic design, Easy to proceed, Easy Solution support.
However, we can not avoid the damage of the printer as some components of the printer caused in during operate.
When the printer experiences an error, the setup panel will indicate an error message with the indicator lights and the Smart Panel program window will presentation to show the printer’s status or errors. Find the light pattern below that matches the printer light pattern and follow the solutions to clear the error.

The origin of "The printer does not print" by Samsung printer SL-M337X/M387X/M4070Printer:

1. The printer is power off or not receiving.
2. The pritner is not selected as the default printer
3. Test your printer for the coming:
+ The printer cover is not closed.
samsung printer - firmware meliorate - chip reset fix+ Paper is jammed.
+ No paper is loaded.
+ The toner cartridges is not install.
4. The printer may be in manual feed mode & out of paper
5. The connection cable between the pc & your printer is disconnected properly.
6. The connection cable between the laptop and your printer is defective.
7. The port setting is incorrect.
8. The printer may be configured incorrectly.
9. The printer driver may be incorrectly install.
10. The printer is malfunctioning.
11. The indicated Toner printer cartridge is almost empty or low.
samsung printer - firmware repair - chip reset fix fix

How to fix(restore) "The printer does not print" by Samsung printer SL-M337X/M387X/M4070Printer(See more details in Samsung printer SL-M337X/M387X/M4070Service Repair Manual):

1. Test the power cord connections. Check the power switch & the power source. If cause not the power cable, renew the power supply.
2. Select Samsung printer SL-M337X/M387X/M4070PCL 6 as your default printer in your Windows (Start-Printers & fax(Devices and Printers)-find to Samsung printer CLP-320 series-right click-choose "Set as default printer")
3. Repair printer cover, paper jam, no paper:
+ Close your printer cover.
+ Clear the paper jam.
+ Load paper.
+ installed the toner cartridges.
4. Test the message on the Smart Panel program window, add paper to the tray and press the Stop button on the regulations panel.
5. Disconnect the printer cable and reconnect it.
6. If possible, attach the cable to another pc that is working properly & print a job. You can also try used a different printer cable.
7. Check the Windows printer setting to yield sure that the print job is sent to the correct port. If the computer/mac has more than one port, generate sure that the printer is attached to the correct one.
8. Test the printer properties to ensure that all of the print settings are correct.
9. Repair your printer software. See the Software Section. Try printing a check page.
10. Test the LEDs on the setup panel to determine if the printer is indicating a system error.
11. Change the Toner Printer cartridge end life. To temporarily improve printing for a short time remove the toner printer cartridge low & shake it gently from side to side. If you do not want renew toner cartridges. You must toner refill and change toner chip or toner refil and upgrade firmware meliorate (reset fix restore) Samsung SL-M337X/M387X/M4070Samsung printer SL-M337X/M387X/M4070Service Repair Manual document very important with technician when mend, disassemble (removable) components the Samsung printer SL-M337X/M387X/M4070printer. "Samsung SL-M337X/M387X/M4070Service Repair Manual" guide technician remove & setup components internal Samsung SL-M337X/M387X/M4070printer, providing them knowledge intensive the component, how to take apart & mend bugs in the process of used Samsung SL-M337X/M387X/M4070printer that the user themselves can not meliorate.More details, you accurrence in "Samsung SL-M337X/M387X/M4070Service Repair Manual". You can pay it at the coming:
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