How to restore errors Samsung printer ML-84/85/85G/1010H/1520P based on message error

After long time using, If the Samsung printer ML-84/85/85G/1010H/1520P printer is not working properly, refer the ensuing errors message & follow the corresponding troubleshooting associated.

The common errors of Samsung printer ML-84/85/85G/1010H/1520P printer as follows:

– The printer does not print.
– Paper does not feed into your printer.
– A print job is extremely slow.
– The paper keeps jamming.
– Fuser error
– Scan error
– Cover open
– No ERROR lamp when the cover is open
This artical, I will introduction for you some Message error (Error code) of Samsung printer ML-84/85/85G/1010H/1520P printer & How to fix error Samsung printer CLX-3160N/3160FN?
For restore all problem of the printer, refer to the table of suggested solutions:

1. How to meliorate "The printer does not print" Samsung ML-84/85/85G/1010H/1520P printer

The ensuing is cause and quick "The printer does not print"
– The printer does not print because Toner error.
+ Toner empty – Renew new cart: When smart panel shown on this error, the printer will not print, LED status red light. Now, you need to renew genuine toner printer cartridge or Fee savings, you should toner refill for toner printer cartridge Samsung printer ML-84/85/85G/1010H/1520P printer. Then change new toner chip congruous with your printer or reset toner chip Samsung printer ML-84/85/85G/1010H/1520P or upgrade firmware fix (reset fix meliorate) for Samsung printer ML-84/85/85G/1010H/1520P
samsung printer - firmware fix - chip reset fix fix
+ Toner cartridge not compatible (LED status red light): You replaced wrong toner cartridge or toner printer cartridge chip. You need try replace it correct
+ A toner cartridge is not Install: installed toner cartridge into printer. If still error then you need check the paper exit sensor. If you can not restore then change paper exit sensor
– The printer does not receiving power
+ Give sure power cable connected from printer to power source
+ Make sure you enabled power sources (press power button). If the printer still error go to next step
+ Test the SMPS board, & replace new SMPS board if can not restore
– The printer did not selected as the default printer
Start/ Devices & Printer (Printer and Fax)/ Right click “Samsung CLX-3170 series” & choose “Set as default printer”
– The printer cover is not closed (Door open).
+ Close the door (front, rear)
+ After door closed, If still error you should check the front cover sensor and rear cover sensor
– Paper is jammed.
+ Paper Jam 0 Open/Close Door
+ Paper Jam 1 Check Inside
+ Paper Jam 2
Refer to How to fix(restore) paper jam error Samsung printer ML-84/85/85G/1010H/1520P
– No paper is loaded: Load paper in the paper tray. If paper has been load to paper tray, you checking paper sensor (repair or regenerate paper feed sensor)
– Computer does not connected to printer: Check printer cable and reconnect. If disconnected you should renew the new printer cable or checking main PBA (card formater)
– The port setting is incorrect: Try select the correct port
– The printer driver may be incorrectly Install: Reinstall printer driver

2. How to restore "A print job is extremely slow" Samsung ML-84/85/85G/1010H/1520P printer.

The ensue is cause & quick "A print job is extremely slow"
The job may be very complex.
– Down the complexity of the document or replace the print quality settings.
– Plug in to other pc

3. How to repair "Paper does not feed into the printer" Samsung ML-84/85/85G/1010H/1520P printer.

The coming is cause & quick "Paper does not feed into the printer"
Paper has been loaded incorrectly.
– take away paper from the tray & reload it correctly.
– Choose paper size correctly (printer preferences)
Paper in paper tray is too much
– Truncated paper out of paper tray
Paper is too thick, too thin, winkled
– Use only paper that meets the specifications required by the printer.
After you has implemented of the steps on top of if printer still error, go to next step
– Clean paper feed sensor in paper tray 1, paper tray 2, MPT tray.
– If still error you should change paper feed sensor.

4. How to mend "The paper keeps jamming" Samsung printer ML-84/85/85G/1010H/1520P printer.

The following is cause & quick "The paper keeps jamming"
Paper in paper tray is too much
– Take out excess paper out of paper tray
May be debris inside the printer. Ex: staples, paper clips, candybark, scraps of paper ..
– Find & remove them
Feed sensor, paper exit sensor error
– Clean paper feed sensor, paper exit sensor
– If still error you should change paper feed sensor, paper exit sensor

5. How to fix “Fuser error” Samsung ML-84/85/85G/1010H/1520P printer

samsung printer - firmware restore - chip reset fix fix
A message below is shown on smart panel of printer: Fuser error & all LEDs light turned on and off repeatedly. Now, your printer does not print
The ensue is cause and quick "Fuser error".
– Thermostat, power cable plug in from fuser unit or heat lamp is open circuit.
+ Regenerate heat lamp or power cable.
+ Regenerate the fuser unit if the thermostat is open circuit.
– Thermistor is faulty
Be carefull checking the thermistor reassembly
+ If the reassembly incorrect or the roller in fuser unit is melted then you must change the fuser unit.
+ If the thermistor is faulty but there is no sign of heat damage then you just regenerate the thermistor sensor.
– Drive gear melted: Renew fuser unit

6. How to restore “Scan error” Samsung ML-84/85/85G/1010H/1520P printer

samsung printer - firmware meliorate - chip reset fix fix
A message below is shown on smart panel of printer: scan error & all LEDs light turned on & off repeatedly. Now, the printer does not print
The coming is cause and quick “Scan error”
– LSU motor does not put to work: Change the LSU or cable connector from LSU motor.
– LSU cable or connector faulty: Renew the LSU or cable connector from LSU unit.
– Test the HSYNC signal:
+ If there is a HSYNC signal, change main board.

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