How to restore printing quality problems for Samsung printer CLP-310/315 Printer

Samsung CLP-310/315 has orrcur "Printed pages problems": Light or faded print, Toner specks, Dropouts, Vertical lines, Gray background, Toner smear, Vertical repetitive defects, Background scatter, Misformed characters, Page skew, Curl or wave, Wrinkles or creases, Back of printouts are dirty, Black pages, Loose toner, Character Voids, Horizontal stripes, Curl.
samsung printer - firmware fix - chip reset fixCurrently, Color laser printers CLP-310/315 is being used quite extensively. Samsung printer CLP-310/315 printers also has advantages ensuing: Enjoy quality printouts, Polymerised toner, Ergonomic design, Easy to put to work, Easy Colour Manager, Easy Solution support.
samsung printer - firmware fix - chip reset fixHowever, we can not avoid the damage of the printer as some components of the printer caused in during run.
The ensuing, I will introduce three standard errors with printing quality problems of Samsung printer CLP-310/315 printer & "How to fix it". With other print pages errors, you appear at "Samsung CLP-310/315 Service Repair Manual"

1. Vertical Line & Band on printed page for Samsung printer CLP-310/315 Printer

Description Vertical line and band: On the printed pages have straight thin black vertical line and dark black vertical band.
Error location: LSU unit, axis developer, transfer roller.
samsung printer - firmware repair - chip reset fix fixLSU

Cause of error "Vertical line and band" on the printed pages:

– LSU unit has occur problem or simply dirty
– Damaged develop roller in the developer. Deformed Doctor-blade or cleaning blade.
– Scratched surface of the discharge roller in the developer.
– Partly depression or deformation on the surface of the transfer roller
How to meliorate error "Vertical Line & Band" on the printed pages for Samsung printer CLP-310/315 Printer:
– Clean the LSU unit by soft cotton cloth and try to print. If printed pages still faulty as initial you must regenerate new LSU unit or contact a service representative.
– If causes are cause 2nd and 3rd, you need renew new axis developer & try to print
– If causes are cause 4nd, you need renew transfer roller.

2. Dark Image or black on printed page for Samsung printer CLP-310/315 Printer

Description Dark Image or black: The printed pages is dark or full black.
Error location: HVPS unit
Cause of error "Dark Image or black" on the printed page:
– No charge voltage in the HVPS board
– Charge voltage is not turned on due to the bad contact between power supply in the side of the developer and charge terminal of HVPS
Repair error "Dark Image or black" on the printed pages for Samsung printer CLP-310/315 Printer:
– Clean the high voltage charge terminal
– Check the state of the connector which connects the engine board and HVPS.
– Replace the HVPS if not solved by the atop direction 1 & 2

3. Light image on printed page for Samsung printer CLP-310/315 Printer

Description: The printed page is light and no ghost
Error location: Developer, HVPS
samsung printer - firmware meliorate - chip reset fixDeveloperCause of error "Light image" on the printed pages
– Develop roller is stained when the toner of developer cartridges is almost consumed
– Temperature in room is below than 10*C
– Bad contact caused by the toner dirty between the high voltage terminal in the HVPS and the one in the set
– Abnormalities output from the HVPS
Repair error "Light image" on the printed page for Samsung printer CLP-310/315 Printer:
– Renew the new developer & try to print out
– After printer is power on, please wait 30 minutes then start printing
– Clean up the dirty area by the toner
– Regenerate the new HVPS if the problems are not solved by the on top of four directions
You can find solutions meliorate other errors of Samsung printer CLP-310/315printer in "Samsung CLP-310/315 Service Repair Manual". The coming is table of message error of Samsung printer CLP-310/315
Samsung printer CLP-310/315Service Repair Manual document very important with technician when repair the Samsung printer CLP-310/315printer. "Samsung CLP-310/315Service Repair Manual" guide technician remove & installed components internal Samsung CLP-310/315printer, providing them knowledge intensive the component, how to take apart and meliorate bugs in the process of using Samsung printer CLP-310/315printer that the user themselves can not repair.