How to restore Spooler error Samsung printer ML-84/85/85G/1010H/1520P

Smart panel shown on “Printer not activated error code 30” on your pc screen? This is spooler error. How to meliorate Spooler error Samsung printer ML-84/85/85G/1010H/1520P?

In this artical, I will answer your questions.
I have met such problem days before & before that my Samsung printer ML-84/85/85G/1010H/1520P worked well. Due to my experience it is the problem of printer spooler. You should clean your printer spooler.
Step 1: I clicked Start & then Control Panel\System & Security\Administrative Tools, then Double Click “Services” (with window 7) & with windows XP you just press Keystrokes "Window + R" & typing "Services.msc"
Step 2: You will see a list of services. Press "P" & find service “Print Spooler”, then right click it and select Restart
Step 3: Double click Print Spooler & select Automatic and then press "OK" to apply. If the problem still exists with your Samsung printer ML-84/85/85G/1010H/1520P, then you should try all the ensue steps to uninstall program & reinstall the driver.
Step 1: Go to Start, Control Panel, Uninstall a Program to remove Samsung printer ML-84/85/85G/1010H/1520P as well as one by one related applications.
Step 2: Reinstall printer driver by driver installed file of Samsung ML-84/85/85G/1010H/1520P
Step 3: And then, you should restart your computer/mac, turn on your computer & printer, & try to print check pages

All on top of mentioned steps are procedures that I have using to solve the problem of printer not activated error code 30.

Have also other things that can cause this problem, such as anti virus software. If you have Install anti virus software and encountered such problem, you must disable script blocking. If you don’t install one by one anti virus software, you must try to check document convert setting of your Samsung printer ML-84/85/85G/1010H/1520P. This problem may also occur when you Install some software which will create Quicken PDF Printer that will interfere with your default printer. If this is the problem, then you must turn the solution printer off and reinstall driver.
Good luck! HelinaCare